Clingendael International Energy Programme CIEP

About CIEP

The Clingendael International Energy Programme CIEP acts as an independent forum for governments, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, the media, politicians and others who are interested in changes and developments in the energy sector.

The Clingendael Energy Roundtable “Russia in a Changing World “

November 24, 2008. On 12 December, CIEP organizes the Clingendael Energy Roundtable titled “Russia in a Changing World” This meeting (by invitation only) discusses problems and opportunities in the EU – Russia energy relationship . It starts at 13h00 and is preceded by a lunch at 12h00. 

CIEP GETIP Meeting “The Role of Fossil Fuels in a Low-Carbon Economy”

November 17, 2008. On 3 December from 2.30 p.m. to 5 p.m., CIEP will organise the fifth meeting in its series about the EU as a driver for energy transition. Theme will be the role of fossil fuels in a low-carbon economy. Is there a fundamental gap in EU and Dutch external energy policies that for the short and middle term try to secure flows of fossils from producing countries, and on the long run try to become independent of these sources? Introductions will be given by Stephan Slingerland, senior researcher at CIEP and Reinout Vos, Deputy Director of the European Affairs department at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

CIEP Energy Policy Meeting: “Nuclear Renaissance in the European Union?”

November 3, 2008. In the European Union several Members States have shown an increased interest in nuclear power. Along with traditional supporters of nuclear power notably France and Finland, the British government has recently supported an expansion of its ageing nuclear fleet, while political parties in other members states are reconsidering their long held views towards nuclear power. Recently a major political party in the Netherlands also voiced its support for expansion of nuclear generation in the Netherlands. In addition a Dutch utility announced it would submit a request for a reactor construction licence. To look at these shifting European perspectives in this “Nuclear Renaissance” the Clingendael International Energy Programme is organizing a Energy Policy Meeting on December 4, 2008.